Simon Macbeth Roundhay Leeds

This website was created by Simon Macbeth of 121 Web Design.  YOu can read more about Simon here. Simon is also a writer.

Below is a section from Simon Macbeth’s book Too Tired To Play Games:


The biggest loss I suffered financially came immediately off the back of winning the Ferrari F430 auction. I was feeling invincible, although I was never arrogant. I always knew that there was a chance we could lose, but I took my eye off the ball a bit around this time. There were two competitions that ran side-by-side in March 2006. One was for a ₤32,500 Porsche and the other was for a ₤35,000 Range Rover.

I found out about the Porsche competition in January 2006 and the advert for the Range Rover auction caught my eye in late February. We started working on the competitions towards the end of February and worked through March to ensure success.

I had employed my younger sister Steph to work on the auctions with me and her share of the Ferrari had been 20 percent of the profits, while she took a seventh from everything else. Once I’d completed my usual preparation and the competitions had started, Steph did some of the work alongside me. Because both competitions ended on 31st March, we decided that Steph would do the Porsche competition and I would be responsible for doing the entries for the Range Rover.

Steph got her boyfriend at the time, Anthony, to help her out with her half of the work. I didn’t like Anthony doing this, basically because I neither liked nor trusted him.

I love Steph very much. I also know what she’s like with lads. She’s no stranger to boyfriends, although I had never properly met any of them. I had met one who sold me a large amount of drugs once, after he had arrived with some really professional looking drug scales and a big knife to cut the cannabis to size. It was quite impressive, like something out of a Tarantino movie, but not quite what I had in mind for my little sister.

I first met Anthony when I was out in Leeds with a girlfriend named Bev. Leeds is a big place and I don’t think I had ever bumped into Steph on a night out before. Steph had been seeing another lad who I’d been looking forward to meeting after hearing good things about him. I asked her if her boyfriend was with her and she told me that she wasn’t with that guy anymore. She had met someone new.

I wasn’t interested in meeting the new guy. I didn’t know who Anthony was. The guy Stephanie had just finished with would have been the first of her boyfriends I would have ever met properly and I’d geared myself up for the first handshake and polite conversation. The presence of someone else threw me off centre.

Right from the start I was disappointed to meet Anthony. As far as I was concerned, he was some new guy Steph had just met and I probably would never see him again. I gave him a cursory ‘hi’ and turned my back on him. It wasn’t a big deal.

Steph was with quite a big group of people, but moved away from them to talk to Bev. Whenever I went to the toilet, she talked to Bev and made a big effort to include her. I was grateful for that and in hindsight knew I should have made more of an effort with Anthony.

I saw Anthony a couple more times on nights out and never really talked to him then either. I have always had problems integrating with new people, although in Anthony’s case I really couldn’t be bothered. Bev didn’t like him either. She said he was quiet, but I had no real feelings either way. I didn’t see him again for ages after that first month.

I never had a proper conversation with Anthony, even though he was with my sister for two years. If I went to his house he would go out and when he came back I’d leave them to it and go home. We’d be civil and polite at the absolute most.

In June 2006, Steph and Anthony were supposed to get married. They’d been around and looked at places to hold the wedding reception. I supported Steph and said that if she was okay with the idea, then I was fine too.

I always placed a little joke type of rule on my little sister. She is not allowed to get married until she’s known someone and has been faithful to them for three years and she shouldn’t have children until she’d been happily married for at least 12 months. She’d broken this rule by about a year and I was fine with that, as she seemed very happy.

My little kid sister can be a stroppy bitch. She’s like I was before I had therapy. If there is something she doesn’t like, she will say something about it. If she’s in a restaurant and doesn’t like the food, or if a taxi driver tries to overcharge her, she will let them have it with both barrels. Since I’ve had therapy, it’s far more obvious to me how intolerant she can be.

I think Steph’s temper had an affect on her relationship with Anthony. They had arguments, which were sometimes violent. There was a time when she hurled an ashtray at him and it hit him in the head. She’s a lovely person, but she can be a stroppy bitch.